Welcome! Here is a little bit about me:
I'm Connor Stephenson, a 19-year old photographer and college student located in the small town of Erwin, North Carolina. I am working on getting my bachelor's degree in Construction Management and becoming a project manager as well as part time real estate broker. Photography is one of my greatest passions. So much can be told from one image and that is the thing I love most about photography. My photography passion started with a little low-quality iPod camera, progressed to a Samsung Galaxy phone camera, and then finally a Nikon D3300. Outside of school and photography I train Jujutsu and Karate. I compete in the USA National Karate-do Federation's competitions and at my last competition I brought home gold and bronze (picture posted above). Another thing about me is that I am a huge "geek" at heart. I like participating in and cosplaying at Comic Cons. I have even traveled all the way down to Atlanta, Georgia for a Supernatural Convention. I won second place in the costume contest and met the entire cast of Supernatural, including Sam and Dean themselves (picture posted above). On my down time you can find me wrapped up in a warm blanket with three dogs on my hip, a TV remote in one hand and a snack in the other.

Why Should You Hire Me?
I work hard to make sure that every photo I take for you is "frame-worthy" because I know I wouldn't want any less if I were in your shoes. I am a perfectionist with my work and I want the best for you. One of my goals as a photographer is to create beautiful, creative photographs that tell a story while also creating a comfortable environment for you. I am always open to trying new and exciting things. I want you to be able to be yourself, feel comfortable, and enjoy being in front of the camera!

Let's Connect!
Contact Number: (910)-658-2587
E-mail: csphotography519@gmail.com
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Thank you!
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